Human resources function is   essential to all organisation. Talent Acquisition, development and talent management  are coming to the forefront. Many organizations are propelling Human Ressources to the top of the agenda. People are the driving force of organizations, and evidence-based talent measurement provides the information needed to manage employees throughout their journey.

It is key to set up strong HR departments composed of strong and well trained professionals to cope with the complex market environment but also to build reliable and more human organisations.

As organizations ramp up their talent management efforts and the improving global economy, there are four stages they should follow to properly evaluate talent.

Assess New talent
Meet onboarding needs
Provide ongoing development
Promote the right talents

Stage 1: Assess New Talent

The employee life cycle begins with recruitment. Therefore, it is the stage at which talent management must be the most efficient. HR talent selection represents a significant portion of its contribution to organizational success. Many reports show that Recruitment represents more than 20 percent of HR practices that ultimately affect a company’s bottom line.

At Adexen we promote a real partnership approach and work hand in hand with HR Departments to  set up appropriate talent acquisition models which match their needs. We also focus at all levels to make sure that candidates have a great experience

At highest Level: Head hunting.

Top leadership is a powerful strategic asset and leads organization to success. It is fundamental to be able to search, identify and attract in a very confidential manner the future top managers of your organization. It is also essential to review the talents available to join the company and to assess those who will mostly perform within the company and adapt to its DNA.

We mindfully interact with candidates in a peer-to-peer relationship that fosters respect, transparency, and trust. We also support the senior management of the group to strategize on the best approach to select and onboard the new team member.

To support the Development of the company : Recruitment

Identifying and assessing your mid and senior management is essential to drive efficient operations. At Adexen we carefully support our clients HR and Line managers to set up the right talent acquisition path and to properly define the needs of operations.

We also make sure the candidate experience in the recruitment process is great. For us it is fundamental as it shows the respect we have for the candidates and because we also consider that this is part of the future relation of the company with its collaborators.

To acquire new dynamic collaborators and build Breeding grounds: Assessments

The most efficient system of recruitment is the use of appropriate, multiskill assessments. The secret to this approach lies in matching skills, knowledge and behavior with the needs of the organization and job role. Eliminating personal bias through accurate and objective evaluation is the next challenge to overcome.

This stage is likely to go beyond behaviorally anchored rating scales. Candidates must be measured against the competencies required for the role, rather than the preferences of the interviewer. This provides a full picture of their skills upon which to make a decision.

According Adexen’s long experience in the continent, the assessment model turns out candidates who are most likely to be successful. But more sophisticated evaluation offers the possibility of higher quality and better talent placement.

Stage 2: Meet Onboarding Needs

Accuracy is not the only thing that sets use of assessments in evaluation apart.

In-depth competency measurement also provides detailed and holistic candidate information. It should be a target for organizations to be able to provide in-depth information on the immediate development needs of new recruits.

 At Adexen we propose to set up mechanisms that can translate the results of recruitment activities into the development of new recruits. A detailed level of evaluation from the outset will provide clarity on individual strengths and areas for development, generating a blueprint on training needs and where coaching can be best applied to help new employees reach full capacity.

Stage 3: Provide Ongoing Development

Performance appraisals represent an important opportunity for feedback and development. It is essential to use those to review past performance and to track development initiatives and measure their success. Initiatives that uses objective skills evaluation to help the organization develop talent and increase growth are extremely profitable to the companies as the even allow to review what is up to date and will have to be set up to match the needs of the future.

Adexen’s assessment technics and HR evaluation tools can bring you this awareness and support you to set up the right frames to develop your staff.

Stage 4: Promote the Right Talent

Succession planning is an area of talent management where detail is an absolute necessity to make the right promotion decisions.
Succession decisions must be made using with maximum information on the entire talent pool. Organizations must take a bird’s-eye view of the collective competencies of their talent. This allows the identification of cross-functional capabilities while highlighting previously unseen talent and allowing HR to pick the best person for each role. At Adexen the Assessment tools offer a real opportunity to optimize the organization having the right talent in place at the right functions.

The last element of talent evaluation here plays a significant part. The information collected on the capability of all talent through continuous evaluation can be used to make succession planning a more streamlined and precise process.