Some of the challenges facing today’s HR departments include administrative overload, legislative compliance and other multi-level complexities. Adexen’s HRBPO department provides services to our clients that enable them overcome these challenges by increasing speed to market, lowering operating cost, providing sustainable services and continuous improvement through a full spectrum of HR services.


Human resource administration: Our comprehensive capabilities deliver efficient, cost-effective HR back-office and transaction services ranging from
high-volume HR transactions (such as promotions and terminations), data administration, to leave and exit administration.
Payroll: We provide integrated payroll services like payroll processing, tax payments and government compliance.
Labor relations: We manage complex and sensitive cases in employee/labor relations, absenteeism, health, safety and employee assistance. We assure
compliance with your policies and business rules.
Talent management: We provide evaluations tools, performance management, succession planning, relocation, develop- ment, recruiting and staffing.


  • Better and more cost-effective processes

  • Reductions in cost and time to hire and more control over both

  • A wider and more engaged network of potential candidates

  • Enhanced employer brand and corporate reputation

  • More responsive workforce planning

  • Closer alignment of talent strategy with business strategy

  • Better alignment between HR and business strategy

  • Scalable HR function to support the Line managers and Senior staff to grow the business

  • Lower costs of the HR function itself

  • Better service to employees in order to provide them with a safe and reliable work environment