Where are we heading?

The energy sector is arguably is one of the most important and socially relevant employment field in Africa today. It is also one of the fastest adapting. The industry influences politics, global economics, and environmental welfare to an enormous extent.

As traditional oil&gas sources become increasingly scarce and the global demand fluctuates, the demand for innovative renewable energy technologies grows higher and higher every day.

Our future

One of the most important challenges on the continent is and will be in the next years to set up reliable energy sources.
At adexen we want to be part of this revolution.

The sector is overwhelmingly science-based, but there are also a growing number of opportunities available in the design and manufacturing aspects of the industry.

Our services

We build global candidate pools worldwide and in Africa. We have developed expertise across a range of areas such as Onshore & Offshore Wind Energy, Smart Energy & Utilities, Well Engineering, Subsea & Marine.