From planning, designing, and financing to the eventual construction phase of the project, until the project is ready for use, we provide support to both international and local companies with the requisite talent at each stage.

We also continue support through our consulting services for people management and decision making tools once the project is put into use.

OUr services

With our expertise in sourcing and identifying talented people for the construction sector. Our consultants provide excellent solutions to meet your
specific needs in a timely and professional manner. We also provide other HR services that aid in the human resources management and decision making
for organisations.

We cover:

  • Salary Survey & Benchmarking
  • Skill Assessment
  • Talent acquisition for all levels from graduate to executive roles (Technical and support functions)

We cover the following Sectors:

  • Architecture
  • Building materials
  • Civil Construction
  • Engineering
  • Electrical and mechanical construction
  • Steel construction