Adexen's expertise in designing and objective evaluation tools can be used in the assessment of current staff, new intakes and as recruitment tool.

These assessments help our clients in appraising talents effectively and to make the rihgt decision.

We carry out assessments for the following:

Employee Evaluation

Entry Level Selection


Trainee Program

Professional & Specialist appraisal


  • Time saving 

  • A tool in decision making for restructuring exercices.
  • For entry level position , provifdes exposure to the candidates to different situations they will face on the job.
  • Allows objective comparisons between professionals which helps in the decision making.
  • A positive candidate experience
  • A brand image support & great communication tool


We design and deliver a range of services which can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Our products include:

Bespoke Assessment Centre design; Group exercise, Role-play exercise, In-tray exercise, Analysis exercise, Presentation/Analysis exercise

Assessor Training design and delivery

Assessor provision 

Telephone and video interview design

Self-selection tools

 Psychometric test provision

Competency - based, values and strengths interview design

Personality profiling

Passmark and adverse impact guidance

Adexen > Assessment from Guillaume Imbert on Vimeo.